Rainbow on a sunny day

It was a lovely day for a walk, so we decided to go to Katarina (hill) and than to Sv. Jakob (church on the hill). While we were walking, neža noticed a rainbow on a sunny day. It was really amazing and I took some photos. At home, I was wondering, how such an effect is made. So I googled it and found some explanations. This type of rainbow is named halo, well actually it is not a rainbow.

Quoting :

“It’s actually a rainbow’s twin brother, in a sense. What you are seeing are tiny ice crystals in the thin overcast present there reflecting the sun’s light like a prism — much in the same way raindrops reflect sunlight to make a rainbow.
Here the halo is seen at the exact angle needed to make the prism effect — 22 degrees. There is more info and the physics behind them at this link

They are seen worldwide…  …And it’s not just for sunshine. Halos can form around a bright moon as well.

The halos have some forecasting lore around here in that they typically mean steady rain is coming within 24 hours or so. That’s because those high, thin cirrus clouds that are formed by those ice crystals are usually the first fringe of an approaching cold front.”

Source: http://www.bakersfieldnow.com/blogs/weather/21576619.html

If u want to see more pictures from the trip, please click on the link below!


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